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Memphis and MidSouth Storage Containers and Trailers

Mills 51 has provided steel storage containers for rent and sale in the Memphis and MidSouth area for the past 18 years.

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High Quality Steel Storage Containers

Our storage containers can be used for residential, business, commercial, and industrial purposes. But don’t let that keep you inside the box, these steel containers have endless possibilities for its user:

Great for residential use

These containers are great for residential and home usage such as: Tools, mowers, UTVs, yard equipment, bikes, boats & trailers, old cars and trucks, as well as any other item that you need stored.

Extremely Ideal for Contractors

In addition, our containers are great for contractors: Electrical, Plumbers, Carpenters, or any other type of construction work that would require on-site storage of tools and equipment.

A real money saver for farmers

Why build a shed to store feed, hay, and Ag chemicals?  Oh! And what about tools? Every farmer has thousands of dollars’ worth of tools, and parts to store and protect. A storage container provides a safer more secure place to store these valuable items.

Essential for retail

A storage container is an absolute need for all small retail business to store extra stock under lock and key.

Steel, Safe, and Secure Storage

More secure than any other wooden storage unit you may have, all our containers are made of steel construction: Roof, Walls, and Doors. The floors are made of 1 1/8” Marine plywood. For more secure containers, we provide wind and water tight containers, securing your container in all weather conditions.

We also have storage trailers for rent or sale. The sizes are 45′, 48′, 53′.

Container Sizes

Container Width Height Length
20’ Standard 8’ 8’6” 20’
40’ Standard 8’ 8’6” 40’
40’ High-Cube 8’ 9’6” 40’
45’ High-Cube 8’ 9’6” 45’

Rental and Sales

All containers and trailers are available for rent or sale.
Customers may pick-up or we will deliver. We deliver up to 200 miles from our home office.

In the future, we will offer trailers for rent and sale as well.

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